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    Dead Puppies Collab Announcement

    Dead Puppies Collab Announcement OG video here! Send me a dropbox or full file Most of all my social media tags are @hundthehound so contact me on any of them Join the…

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    PUPPY LOVE – PAUL ANKA (ukulele cover)

    [ go to 0:29 for the real cover ] this is not your basic cover. this is the tumblr-wannabe cover lol. and YES GUYS I WORE PANTS SMH. anyway, I’ll try…

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    VISIT PATREON FOR MORE DETAILS Patreon: Hey, I am Lorand Kovacs and I want to introduce my upcoming animation series. The series about a cute character based on a little pink…

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    Jealous Puppy! 【MYSTIC MESSENGER】

    He’s such an adorable puppy! ►Blossyay’s blog: ►Yoosung voiced by DangerrZone… ►Zen voiced by Gabe ►MC by Me lul Join my Nugget Sanctuary Server for any updates and chats!…

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    My newborn cute Staffy X puppies. Amazing personalites

    Patreon Facebook Hey guys I haven’t put up a video in awhile and you can blame that on these cute little puppies. my pregnant dog had her puppies just the…

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    Snowstorm Vlog With Puppies & Friends | Vancouver BC

    Thumbs up if you want to see more vlogs 🙂 ♥ Support me on Patreon: ♥ Visit my website here: ♥ Subscribe ♥ Social media Instagram: fruitypia Facebook: Snapchat:…