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Watch our Airedale Terrier adults and our 10 & 12 weeks old puppies on a pack walk around our property line responding to my commands and loving me. Our puppies are listed for sale on PuppyFind.com as NC Best July, NC Best Sept, NC Best Boy, NC Best Girl, , NC Best Boy2, NC Best Girl2 and so on. Our adult boy, Sweet Duke Junior and our 4 adult girls, Sweet Gibbattee, Sweet Curly Sue, Sweet Aaliyah and Sweet Casey all live with my wife and me on our 15 acre, fully fenced family compound. Our other adult boy, Sweet “Chewie” Chewbacca, lives like royalty with our adult son. Raising Airedale Terriers is what we decided to do as a family hobby when I retired in 2010. We were drawn to the Airedale Terrier breed because they have a sweet, friendly disposition and are always ready to have some fun with you. They are dominant but never aggressive. They aren’t looking for a fight, but when threatened, Airedale Terriers are fearless and will not run from a fight to protect itself or its owner. They have rightfully earned their title as “The Undisputed King of Terriers”. Our puppies will be ready to leave for their new homes on or around their 8 weeks old birthday. Our puppies will share all the great traits of Airedale Terriers established over the last 150 years or so. Please click and read the Breed Profile page offered by PuppyFind.com. It does a great job of describing my Airedale Terriers. Both the good and bad. For example, loyal but stubborn. My Airedales are NOT any of those over-sized, 80-120 pound Oorang Airedales. Our puppies will become adults ranging in size based on parentage and sex from between 48 – 72 pounds (fit not fat) and 23″ – 24.5″ tall at the shoulder. All of our puppies are born inside our home, and they will be learning to roam around our home and property with their siblings and our adult Airedales everyday. They will be praised, trained and handled daily. They will never see the inside of a cage, but they’ll learn to respect boundaries set for them even if it’s an open doorway that they’re not allowed to walk through. Their tails will be docked so that they will be roughly 7” long as an adult, and their dew claws will be removed. They will receive their combination vaccination shot when they are 6 weeks old, and if they are still living with us, another combination vaccination shot when they are 9, 12 & 16 weeks old. Our puppies are dewormed too. Because Airedales are so intelligent and such quick learners, we start all of our puppies on early obedience training commands such as “no”, “bed”, “sit”, “stay” “watch out” and “let’s go potty!”. . Our puppies will want to go potty outside. We register all of our litters with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Our puppies will be delivered to you with their own registration paperwork for you to fully register them with AKC. We will not offer our puppies for a few hundred dollars less with limited registration paperwork that restricts you from registering your own puppies. We believe that the world is a better place with more Airedale Terriers in it! Delivery anywhere off of I-95 North between Rocky Mount, NC and the Washington DC metropolitan area can be arranged for FREE as my family travels quite often to the Washington DC area. This puppy can be shipped anywhere in the USA except Hawaii using either United Airline’s PetSafe or Delta’s Dash shipping services. Both airline shipping services get excellent reviews, and we’ve had great positive feedback from folks that have had us ship their puppy to them from the Raleigh, NC airport (RDU). Shipping costs include the puppy’s airfare, travel kennel and vet issued health certificate. We don’t charge anything extra above what those items cost us. The airlines have been charging us roughly $375 to $475 for airfare depending on the size of the puppy at the time it gets on the plane and where the puppy is going. We’ve had good luck finding airline approved Petmate Sky Kennel crates on Ebay for roughly $90 (they are 2X that at Petco for example) and our local country vet charges roughly $75 to examine the puppy and issue the Health Certificate. Please don’t hesitate to call Ben @ 252.827.1479 or email me @ bjoconner50@outlook.com with any questions. We love talking about our Airedales! Thank you for your interest in our Airedale Terriers.


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