ThruNite Archer 1A Flashlight Review, New Puppy, and Grief!

Here is where you can order and get more information on the ThruNight Archer 1A flashlight (by the way, it’s waterproof – I’ll show you soon!):

Thrunite Official Store: http://www.thrunite.com/ (Buy now here you will save 5% by using a coupon code: THRUNITE)
Amazon US.: http://amazon.com/thrunite
Amazon CA.:http://www.amazon.ca/shops/A1BNV2EQ2FFXQR
Amazon DE.:http://amazon.de/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1
Amazon UK.:http://amazon.co.uk/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1
Amazon FR.:http://amazon.fr/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1
Amazon IT.:http://amazon.it/shops/A2DUUB2J3TY3X1

The rest of this video is a bit of an update! We got a puppy about two months ago, Rio! Here I share with you the funny story of how we ended up with him!

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