Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park Playset! Pomeranian Spitz & BULLDOG! Shopkins Season 3 Basket

Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park Playset! Pomeranian Spitz & BULLDOG! Shopkins Season 3 Review
Hi Guys! In this video we unbox, play with and review the new
Chubby Puppies Ultimate dog park! It was such a fun playset and it came with a pomeranian spitz and I also had a bulldog I bough separately! These dogs moved around so funny ad i loved the working elevator. Later on in the show I open a shopkins season 3 blind basket! I got the red and yellow wanda wafer and the pink Birthday cake bettie!
Chubby Puppies are stumbling, fumbling, tumbling cuteness you’ll fall for! Now they can all play together at the Ultimate Dog Park! It’s a cuteness overload as they roll around, waddle, and chase one another through the park. The Ultimate Dog Park comes with an exclusive Pomeranian Chubby Puppy and a doggy house. Use the puppy powered elevator that takes Chubby Puppies to the top of a slide! Watch them waddle and ride the elevator to take a fun filled trip down the slide to the grassy field! Put your Puppy on the on the swing and give them a push, or watch them get dizzy on the dog bowl marry-go-round. Collect and connect all the Seesaw, Tunnel and Pole Course playsets to the Ultimate Dog Park for even more ways to play! Join the stumbling, fumbling, tumbling fun with the Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park!

Collect all of the different Chubby Puppies breeds, Golden Doodle, Husky, Boston Terrier, Pug and Cocker Spaniel. Each one is unique. Customize their legs for more funny walks and hops! Bring the stumbling, fumbling, tumbling home to the Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park!

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