Bad Baby Joker Girl! Kitty Victoria Puppy Annabelle Bloody Tooth Toy Freaks Hidden Egg Santa Present

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Bad Baby Mummy Annabelle Magic Butterfly Fairy Victoria Toy Freaks Hidden Egg

Bad Baby Victoria Gumballs Surprise Eggs Gross Annabelle & Crybaby Daddy Toy Freaks
This channel is all about the everyday adventures of our most favorite superheroes in real life. Spiderman, Elsa, the Joker, Maleficent, Thor, and Captain America are just a few who join in the fun. Our channel is very family friendly. Watch as the Joker and Maleficent team up to try and ruin Frozen Elsa’s and Spiderman’s plans. The incredible Hulk has a short temper. Captain America is always on the lookout to do a good deed. Disney Elsa is full of magic but don’t get on her bad side or you will be turned to ice. Spiderman is full of energy and is always up for a battle with the Joker or Maleficent. SUBSCRIBE! We will post new superhero adventures daily!

Bad Baby Elsa vs Joker – Food Fight | Real Life Superhero Movie

Bad Baby Real Food Fight Victoria vs Annabelle McDonald’s Hidden Eggs Toy Freaks Family

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Bad Baby McDonald’s Real Food Fight Victoria vs Annabelle Hidden Egg

Bad Baby Victoria Pranks Annabelle & Crybaby Daddy Hidden Egg

Bad Baby Cake Baking Fail Victoria Annabelle Daddy Toy Freaks

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Bad Baby Victoria Messy Toy Room Fail Annabelle Hidden Egg

Bad Baby Real Food Fight Victoria vs Annabelle McDonald’s

Gross Baby Annabelle Spits UP Food on Victoria!
Bad Baby Face Tattoo Fail Victoria & Annabelle Toy Freaks Family
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