No jumping on me and go to your bed – Puppy/Dog Training

This video started out with the idea of showing you how I teach my puppy to go to his bed. It ended up becoming a video on how to teach your dog not to jump up on you as well. As I was talking and not paying attention to my puppy, he was trying to get my attention by jumping up on me. This being a very common problem with young puppies and dogs. Reinforce your puppy when he makes the correct choice, and he will quickly learn what gets him the reward and what does not. Often people want to correct or discipline the behaviour they do not like, but as you can see in this video, I reinforce what I DO like and allow my puppy to make the choice on his own what I do want, thru this process I am building a thinking dog and one that will trust me and want to work for me. Happy Training!


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