From Cute Puppy to Monster Doberman: Growth Chart and Adult Weights

Most people want to know if their Doberman puppy’s growth is on track. In this video, I’ll discuss the normal growth curve and growth rates for Dobermans and their typical adult weight. Plotting your puppy on this growth curve might help you get a glimpse into what your Doberman will look like as an adult. We’ll also talk about how to tell if your Doberman is underweight or overweight.

Remember that these numbers are just meant to give you a rough idea of the typical growth of a Doberman and are nowhere close to exact numbers. Many perfectly healthy Dobies might fall outside of this range from time to time. If you feel something may be wrong with your dog’s weight, see a veterinarian.

For more on the typical growth curves and average weights for Dobermans, including growth charts, see: https://www.dobermanplanet.com/doberman-weight-growth-curve-and-averages/

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