Puppy vs. Collaborative Robot: Who Can Learn a New Trick Faster?

Watch an ultimate showdown of metal vs. fluff! We put Rosie, a 7-month-old labradoodle puppy, and an Omron TM Collaborative Robot up to a friendly competition to see WHO can learn new tricks faster. Who do you think will win?

Teaching dog tricks isn’t always easy, but we were up to the task! Training a puppy new tricks, we have Airline’s in-house dog enthusiast, Danielle. Programming the robot, we have an Airline tech geek, Casey. Together, they ran a timer and dog trained and programmed as fast as they could to see who could learn the new trick the fastest. Watch and see who won!

Designed to work with both humans and machines (and sometimes canines!), the OMRON TM Collaborative Robot attains better efficiency with its wide range of industrial applications while ensuring safety. The diverse range of applications served by the robot system includes machine tending, loading and unloading, assembling, screwing, gluing, testing, soldering, and logistics.

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