Teach Your Puppy to Stop Barking

Let’s face it– dog barking is normal. Some of our canine companions bark for good reasons and some do it for little or no reason at all. There’s also certain breeds that enjoy barking up a storm more than others. Luckily at Chewy.com, we’ve got some dog training methods to teach your dog not to bark and learn some dog obedience along the way. You’ll discover dog barking is not the biggest problem, but it’s the need for your pup to be quiet at certain times or when asked. Training dogs not to bark doesn’t begin by yelling at them. They’ll just turn it into a shouting match, and more often times than not, your chatty canine comes out on top. So if you’re training dogs not to bark, don’t show any attention until the bark fest is over. Puppies can read this dog communication and will get the message that puppy barking is not allowed. Keep dog training sessions upbeat with positive reinforcement dog training. For every good deed– especially when he quiets down– slip him some dog treats to keep the dog obedience show on the road. Be sure to figure out why your dog is a busy barker. Sufficient mental and physical activities can wear out even the chattiest pup, and can stop puppy barking once-and-for-all.

With a little patience and dog communication, you can teach your dog not to bark in no time!

Special Thanks to:

Maria Karunungan, Ph.D., CTC, CPDT-KA, Dog Trainer and Owner of Moognut Dog Training

Alisa Laramy & Carolyn Allen, PPG Members, Certified Fear-Free Trainers, and Certified Trainers and Counselors of The Dog Evolved, LLC in Bloomington, MN.

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