Abandoned Puppy Discovered With His Mouth SEALED Shut And Left For Dead Finds Forever Home

Californian animal lover Liz Heatherly’s journey started out as just an ordinary drive in early 2018. But as she motored along her usual route, the 28-year-old was distracted by a most unusual sight. There, at the side of the highway, was a curious shape. At first glance, it looked like a very young dog, but there was something strange about its snout. The intrepid Heatherly got out to investigate, but when she got closer to the shape, her mouth dropped open.

Retail worker Heatherly lives with her mongrel dog, Jackson, in the small settlement of Greenville in Southern California. In April 2018, Heatherly found herself in the heavy glare of the media spotlight with a special canine, but it was not her old friend Jackson. In fact, the animal in question was one she had first come across earlier that month.

When Heatherly left her house on April 4, there was no way she could have predicted what would happen that day. She was taking a drive in her car, with her mother and sister as passengers, when they noticed something out of the ordinary. As a result, the party made an unscheduled and hasty stop.

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