Tiny puppy has infected in his back watch what the vets did

Tiny puppy has infected in his back watch what the vets did?
This tiny puppy pulled by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC from a big shelter in Texas.
He had a huge burn on his back that was badly infected.
He was immediately rushed to an emergency vet, who treated his wound. vet dressed him in a full body cast.
The vet decorated his red cast to look like a giant strawberry.
The cute designs helped dress up the body casts and lift the spirits of everyone working with the tiny puppy.
Once he was feeling a little better, Evan was transferred to a foster home.
Evan may only weigh 4 pounds, but he already has a big personality and loves to play with things he’s not supposed to.
finally, the vet determined that Evan no longer needed his full body cast.
His foster mom is making sure his wound is constantly moisturized and covered to continue the healing process.
Once he’s old enough, he will be up for adoption.

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