Puppy Screaming in Pain after Being Bitten by Big Dog

A little puppy was lost his mother and was bitten by big dog, and he was found screaming in painful waiting someone for help. His whole body covered by severely wounds and it’s really hurt.

Fortunately, he was rescued in time when someone met him and picked up to a vet hospital. He’s now under treatment but it may need few weeks to get full recovered.

It’s so sad for his life because he didn’t have mother to protect him and suffered enough with horrific injured after being bitten. The vet has provided painkiller and very good foster for little soul with multiple supportive from kind people.

It’s breaking our heart but we hope he will be healed soon and be found a new sweet home with someone who will take of him for the whole life.

Please join us to pray for him for fast recover and we thank for everyone that supporting his medical bills.

Courtesy: จ่ามาตร เมืองเพชร


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