Stray Puppies Lived In the Woods Getting Rescued

Pitiful puppies found living in the woods with badly condition, malnourished because they never have nutrient or proper food to eat.

They have spent life so sorrowful since they were born because their mother is a stray dog and she has given birth in the woods nobody found them until the day rescuers met them.

All the puppies were covered by ticks, fleas, and their skins were infected. It’s lucky that they have been saved and would be found a forever home.

They’re now completely safe, they received good foster, good medication that will be better and available for adopt.

We pray for them for a sweet forever home and new owner who will love, care of them. We also thank everyone that have passion to save their lives and give new chance in life.

Courtesy: จิดาภา ภูวเดช โสภณเจริญ์


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