Pitiful Stray Puppy Will Live With Only Three-Legged

You may imagine how this poor soul lost his leg, it’s because of he was born as a stray pup and was bitten by big dog.

He is around one month old but his life is very painful, suffering and will live with only three-legged. He is very patient and fights for the better, his eyes show us how his feeling is.

He is able to eat and start learning to walk with his three-legged, it’s breaking our heart but we believe God fill him full of love.

He will full recover soon and we hope he will live in good life with someone who will adopt and give him a sweet forever home.

We’re grateful and appreciated for everyone that supported his medical bills and bring him hopeful in life.

Courtesy: จิราธิวัฒน์ พิลาคง


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