Filhote de cachorro no meu bolso episódio 26 / Puppy in my pocket ep. 26 PT

Filhote De Cachorro No Meu Bolso | Pocketville is the capital of a fantastic kingdom where there live hundreds of cute little animals of various breeds… In this enchanted place live every kind of youngling, some of which are well known, while others have only been heard of in legend and fairytale… And each youngling has his or her natural habitat: from the sea to the mountains, from the shallow woods to the thick forest! This magic world is ruled by the sweet princess Ami, a magnificient siamese cat… Ami takes care of her “subjects”, handling their requests at the great castle that dominates the skyline of Pocketville from a hill. With the aid of a magic fountain, the most important duty of Princess Ami is to see to the birth ceremony, ensuring that the younglings of Pocketville arrive safely on earth into the arms of lonely children….


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