Total Puppy Connection Testimonials

Your new puppy means everything to us! At The Total Puppy Connection we don’t like to consider ourselves as a pet store here on Long Island, but rather a source that allows us to connect you with your new loving puppy. It’s so important that your new best friend is coming from a USDA Licensed Dog Breeder this way you know the breeder follows the USDA highest standards. Before you buy a puppy from our Total Puppy Connection Program our Puppies get to spend quality time with each breeder, but more importantly they are around kind and loving families. We pride ourselves with the most healthy bred & cutest puppies. Some of our breeders have even obtained the 5-Star USDA Licensed Breeder Certification and 2016-17 Achievement of Excellence Award From the American Canine Association. We offer a connection for a large range of puppy sizes including: teacups, toys, medium breeds & large breed puppies. Most puppies come in many different varieties. We connect our customers with the best purebred & mixed designer dog breeds. For families that have allergies to dogs we have puppies with hair that are non-shedding & hypoallergenic. We try to work with the best 5 Star Private USDA Licensed Breeders that insure the proper environment, family care & love for all of our puppies. Our puppies include up to 1 year health warranty & life guaranty when maintaining our food regiment. Most of our puppies come with ACA, ICA, AKC, APRI or other top registries. Our puppies come with up to date with their shots, dewormings and parasite preventatives. Your new puppy will have a microchip or receive a one on its first vet visit. We offer a 6 month congenital guarantee and all of our puppies are always vet checked. We are the best at what we do because we keep it simple. We get the best & healthiest puppies for all of our customers. We are available 7 days a week from early hours of the day to late hours in the evening. We serve Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, NY, NYC, NJ, CT and United States.


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