Airedale Terrier Puppies Sale Video-S & S Family Airedales-Airedale Porch Puppies @ Nearly 7 Weeks

Thank you for your interest in our Airedales. Please read the Airedale Terrier Breed Profile page offered by PuppyFind.com. It does a great job of describing my Airedale Terriers. Both the good and the not so good. For example, loyal and super smart, but stubborn too.
All of my puppies are trained and treated by us and our five adult Airedales (a boy and four girls) as though they were going to live here with us forever. My son and his adult boy (who he treats like royalty) now live near DC but visit regularly. Our Airedale puppies learn to be calm, obedient and submissive to us. Please watch a few of my videos of my puppies, adults and property. Here’s a link to my YouTube channel:
I’ve uploaded 800+ videos over the last few years. If you click on my Airedale Terrier playlist option, then YT will sort my videos by the date that I uploaded them so that my most recent videos are at the top of the list. I’m always willing to upload or email more videos and/or photos of any particular puppy or anything else to help you pick your puppy.
I love showing off my Airedales! Uploading videos to YT of my Airedales is one of the things that I choose to do to set us apart from other breeders. I also choose to be responsive. Barring some unforeseen emergency, everybody gets an answer within 24 hours. I figured that would put me in the top 1% of breeders, and that’s where I want to be with my Airedales. They aren’t the most popular breed anymore, but they deserve to be!
We are selling our puppies for $1,325 each this year plus the cost of shipping, if any. We gratefully accept deposits of $325 to reserve a puppy until they are ready to leave here. Once they are ready to leave here, then we ask for payment in full to hold your puppy until you’re ready for it. We do not reduce the price of our puppies as they get older. Our Airedales are not a burden for us.
Planning ahead for your Airedale is the right thing to do. We will gladly hold your puppy here for you. But to be fair to everyone, we can’t hold a puppy or puppy pick for you until we receive your money. We get lots of interest in them.
If you would like to make a deposit or payment by personal check, please make it payable to my wife, Doris Ramsey (although to everybody except the banks and IRS. she is Shanel), and mail it to me:
Ben O’Conner
128 Old Market Road,
Fountain, NC 27829
Please write on your check that it is a deposit or payment and the name of the mom/boy/girl (i.e Casey’s boy) Please don’t think that I’m being pushy (that’s not me at all), but using the USPS to deliver a personal check is the slowest possible way of making a deposit or payment. Other folks may choose to use PayPal to make their deposit or payment instantaneously in order to reserve the best possible pick or any particular puppy.
If you would like to use Paypal, then our PP email address is bjoconner50@yahoo.com, and again, the recipient is my wife. Please understand that we won’t be responsible for any fees that PP may charge to use their service. We hope that you can consider us your Airedale Terrier friends and family. Sending money via Paypal to friends and family is free.
I’m here to help you whenever you think that I can. Please read my Seller Reviews on PuppyFind.com. I’ll admit to being very proud that I’m a 5 Star Breeder with lots and lots of outstanding reviews from folks who have given my puppies homes. You can trust in me and my Airedales. I hope to earn a 5 Star Seller Review on PuppyFind written by you on our behalf one day soon.
Questions are always most welcome and appreciated. Please don’t hesitate. Our house phone number is 252.827.1479. I threw my celly away when I retired, lol! Thank you again for your interest and for your kind consideration of us and our Airedale Terriers.


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