How to Teach Puppy to Sit – Dog Sit Training

Sit is the first command your puppy should be learned. And its pretty easy too, as you will se in this video. Andy got it at 8 weeks of age and after two days of training. All you need to do is hold treat close to dogs nose and slowly move your hand up and back to your dog so he will naturally sit. When he got to the sitting position say „Sit“. Before i will show you how i teached my dog sit, i would love to say, that i am training Andy as future assistant guide dog for Czech person, so the commands must be trained in Czech language. The word Sedni means sit.

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At the beginning, always show your dog affection and give give him treat, after he will sit, but never give him a treat, if he does not. As always, patience and consistency is the key, never push your dog to the sit position. After your dog will master this command, ask your dog to sit before meal or before leaving for walk. You can also add some distraction or start doing this command without treat.

Little puppies are not capable of long trainings, but i would recommend you to train at least 3 times a day for 5 – 10 minutes. Never punish your dog, puppies should be trained with positive reinforcement techniques only. If you are new on this channel, subscribe for more videos and turn the notifications on. Also check our social media profiles – links are in description. Thank you for watching, see you in the next video.


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