How to Teach my Puppy its Name? – Dog Name Recognition Training

Teaching your dog his name is the first thing you should do after getting your new puppy. And teaching your puppy to respond on his name is not hard at all. All you need to do is do some sound that will bring your puppies reaction to you and after he turns at you or even go to you, tell his name with clear voice. After that praise him and give him treat. This is how i teach my 8 weeks old Andy to react on his name.

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You should train with puppies only for a few minutes, they will get distracted pretty fast. You should train this on quiet place and you must use only one name – no nicknames that would confuse your dog. Also never use your puppy name in conuction with negative commands or words.

Be very patient and never punish your puppy if it does not react as you wish. Puppies must be trained with positive reinforcement only, all punishment will cause you troubles in future. After some time, when you are sure, that your puppy know his name, make the training little harder. You can use some distraction – throw him a toy and than call his name and wait if he will react or you can train in park or some other place, where your puppy get distracted easily.

Dont forget that the key is to be consistent, patient and positive! Every dog can learn react to his name very easily. Dont be mad, when he does not respond, dogs are not machines, they will not react all the time. If you are new on this channel, subscribe for more videos and turn the notifications on. Also check our social media profiles – links are in description. Thank you for watching, see you in the next video.


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