“Dusty” Mystery Puppy VHS-C

This is a tape that came with a camera I bought last year. It is of a family training a nearly 10-week-old puppy, “Dusty,” ( 5:48 ) who appears to be a good boy.
Here is what I know about it, beyond what can be seen and heard in the tape.
The tape is a 30-minute VHS-C (just has TC-30HGB printed on the tape itself, in a Maxell HGX-Gold 30 case), which I think means it was recorded no earlier than 1989 or 1990?
The camera it came with was a JVC GR-C1U, sold to me by a secondhand store in Bakersfield, CA. It would probably have been sold or donated to that store in early May of 2017. I can’t really know it was originally filmed with that camera or if it was filmed anywhere near Bakersfield.


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