拉佈拉多幼犬的飼養須知-Labrador puppy feeding tips


Labrador puppy feeding tips

Labrador puppies
Labrador puppies are more lively, born naughty king, but a little training or have a very good obedience. So in the breeding of this species of puppies, the regular quantitative to become the necessary breeding points, or their naughty, but will make you a headache Oh. First, to develop habits to feed Lara to be regular, quantitative, fixed location. Timing can develop dog timing conditions reflect, secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, promote digestion and absorption. General adult feeding 2 times a day, sooner or later the feed 1, at night can be slightly fed. Second, according to age to determine the frequency of 1 year old Lara, feeding 3 times a day; 3 months or less of the Lara, fed 4 times a day; 2 months of age within the Ziquan, fed 5 times a day. Dog food patterns can be refurbished, but the number should be relatively stable. Third, the feeding location can be feeding inside and outside the kennel, but generally in the kennel to feed the dog. The purpose of a fixed location is to keep the environment relatively stable and manageable. Some dogs replace the feeding site will appear antifeedant and loss of appetite. Fourth, the feed requirements in addition to the summer, should be fed to the warm feed, feed the best temperature at 40 ° C or so, not too cold, overheating; summer can be fed to the cold, the winter must feed the heating, the best At around 35 ° C. Fifth, pay attention to observe the feeding should pay attention to observe the Lara eating situation, there is no food or food, to identify the reasons for timely action. The leftover of the feed was taken away, and the dogs were not allowed to eat at any time.


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